Made the Johnsonville Way
For years and years, Johnsonville has operated under the guiding principle of The Johnsonville Way. It's a way of doing things that trusts and empowers employees to go above and beyond their job titles, trusting their passion to drive the company forward. In 2016, we proposed that Johnsonville marketing should be approached the same way- that everything we make should truly be Made the Johnsonville Way. That means the employees come up with the commercials, write the radio spots, the print headlines, and everything else. We're just here to bring their ideas to life, in all their Wisconsin sausage glory.

Cannes Lions - Silver (Film), Bronze (Film), Bronze (Film Craft)
D&AD - Graphite Pencil (Film Campaign), Wood Pencil (Integrated)
One Show - Bronze (Campaign)

Jeff and His Forest Friends
by Jeff P, Johnsonville Member since 1998

Regular Speed Chase
by Brett A, Johnsonville Member since 2005

New Neighbors
by Melissa H, Johnsonville Member since 2002

We launched the campaign with a spot reintroducing the company of Johnsonville, where members are responsible for everything. Even the commercials.

Official Trailer
We also launched with a trailer to introduce the members,
their ideas, and the upcoming campaign.

Behind the Scenes

partner: Chris Colliton
group creative director: Scott Bell
art director: gage young
copywriter: gabe sherman