Dundee: The Movie That Turned Out To Be A Tourism Ad
In early 2018, the film world was shaken by a surprise teaser trailer for a new Crocodile Dundee film: Dundee, starring Danny McBride as Brian Dundee. More teasers followed, introducing Chris Hemsworth and nearly every other famous Australian actor as members of the film's cast. For weeks, speculation raged over whether the film was real, fake, or a good idea to even begin with. When the final trailer aired during the Super Bowl, all was revealed. Dundee was an elaborate tourism campaign for Australia, meant to showcase Australia's beautiful scenery and unique sense of humor. It was a massive prank that only Australia could pull off.

Dundee was by far the most engaged-with Super Bowl campaign of 2018. The campaign was viewed by over one billion people, earned over 500 million dollars in earned media, and increased traffic to Australia's tourism site by over 1400%.

Cannes Lions - Titanium Lion, 3 Gold Lions, 4 Silver Lions
One Show - 4 Gold Pencils, 2 Silver Pencils, 4 Bronze Pencils
Adage Content Marketing of the Year (2018)

Teaser Trailer #1
Introducing Danny McBride as Brian Dundee

Teaser Trailer #2
Introducing Chris Hemsworth as Wally Jr.

Teaser #3: Water Buffalo Scene
A throwback to the original Dundee

Official Cast Intro Trailer
Introducing (nearly) every famous Australian

The Official Super Bowl Trailer
The moment the film became a tourism ad

An animation I made for a few Times Square Billboards.

flip gif

agency: droga5
CD: Kevin Weir
CD: Chris Colliton
ACD: Jim Curtis
ACD: Ryan Fitzgerald
Design Director: Devin Croda
Designer: Jen Lally
Producer: Andrew Slough
Director: Steve Rogers